Hi friends, In this article, I will explain how to write node.js logs in Syslog.


Before we dive into writes the node.js logs to the Syslog file, we should know why we need the logs.

Log messages are imported in the development life-cycle. Log messages are very helpful for developers. Logs help developers know what their code actually doing.

Logs help developers to resolve bugs quickly, get clear insights, and detect problems early and as they happen through analysis log messages.

For example, If there is a bug in the database related code, our logs will point out where the…

Hi friends, In this article, I will explain about advantages of TypeScript.


We all know TypeScript is the superset of JavaScript. TypeScript is strongly typed.

Browsers do not understand TypeScript. It understands only JavaScript. TypeScript code is converted to JavaScript code via the TypeScript compiler. It runs as JavaScript code in browsers.

I will give advantages of TypeScript with an example. It precisely explains about how TypeScript is helpful to developers.

Hi friends, In this blog I will share with you how to create Sidebar navigation in React.js


We are going to use react-router-dom dependency for the router. For more detail refer to this doc.

In this react-router-dom , we can do various types of navigations. But here I will deal with only Sidebar navigation.

Create a react.js project.

For create react.js application follow this setps.

$ npx create-react-app react-sidebar-project
$ cd react-sidebar-project

After you created react project then moved to the project folder.

$ npm install react-router-dom react-icons

react-router-dom — for routing one page to another page.

react-icons — for…

Hi friends, in this article, I will explain the Javascript reduce() method. Reduce method is one of the array methods. But Reduce method is a little bit complicated than the other array methods.


The reduce() method applies a reducer function to each array element and returns a single value.

The reduce function has the following parts in its callback.

  1. accumulator
  2. currentValue
  3. currentIndex (optional)
  4. array (optional)
  5. initialValue (optional)

The accumulator accumulates the callback function’s return value. …

Hi friends, In this article, I will explain how to access shell commands in the node.js application.


Shelljs is the node dependency. If you want to use the Unix commands through the node.js application, we can use shell.js as a dependency.

If you want to run the Unix commands globally we need to install shelljs globally.

$ npm install [-g] shelljs

Dear Friends, In this blog I am going to explain the basis of networks.


A computer network is a group of computers that use a set of common communication protocols over digital interconnections for the purpose of sharing resources located on or provided by the network nodes. — wiki.

The above one is the wiki definition. Using a Network group of computers shares information with one another. They followed certain protocols. The computers on a network may be linked through cables, telephone lines, radio waves, satellites, or infrared light beams.

Different types of networks

There are different type of networks available. …

Hi friends, In this article, I will explain Node.js and LDAP communication.


Before delving into Node and LDAP communication we should know about LDAP.

LDAP stands for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. As the name suggests, it is a lightweight client-server protocol for accessing directory services, specifically X.500-based directory services. LDAP runs over TCP/IP or other connection-oriented transfer services.

LDAP provides communication language using that application can communicate with other directory services server. Directory services story users, password and computer accounts and share that information with other entities on the network.

Initial setup for a node express project

Hi friends, in this article I will explain JavaScript flatMap and fill method. These two methods are array methods.


The flatMap() method returns a new array formed by applying a given callback function to each element of the array and then flattening the result by one level. It is identical to a map() followed by a flat() of depth 1, but slightly more efficient than calling those two methods separately.

Hi friends, In this article, I will explain about Fastify and Sequelize configuration with TypeScript.


Before we are going to configure Sequelize with TypeScript first we need to configure with Fastify and TypeScript.

For details of Fastify and TypeScript refer to this article. In that article, I explained the configuration of Fastiy and TypeScript. After we configured Fastify with TypeScript then move to the next step.

$ npm install pg pg-hstore sequelize --save

After installation is completed then setup .env file for Database setup.


And open your terminal and change your path to the project directory.

$ export DATABASE_URL=postgres://user_name:password@localhost:5432/database_name

Hi friends, In this article, I will explain the implementation of node application with Fastify and Typescript.


Typescript is the Superset of the JavaScript. Typescript checks the program for errors before execution and does so based on the kinds of values, its a static Type checker. TypeScript is a strongly typed, object-oriented, compiled language. It was designed by Anders Hejlsberg (designer of C#) at Microsoft. TypeScript is both a language and a set of tools. Typescript compiles .ts files into .js files.

Earlier JavaScript is the language introduced for client-side only. After Node.js comes to JavaScript widely used in server-side…

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