Understanding of TimescaleDB

What is the Time series:

Time series is a data set that tracks a sample over time. Time series data also referred to as time-stamped data, is a sequence of data points(any single fact is a data point) indexed in time order.

Uses Time series data:

  • Forecasting is one of the most main cases. (Predictions)
  • Anomaly detection.
  • Used across IoT systems to manage the insane volume of data coming from millions of devices
  • It is used in DevOps to track system health and trends.
  • Time series data is used by scientists, engineers, thinkers

Timescale DB:

It is an open-source time-series database developed by Timesacle Inc. It is written in C and extends PostgreSQL. It supports standard SQL queries and relational databases.


Virtually all user interactions with TimescaleDB are Hypertable. However, Hypertables are abstractions or virtual views of many individual tables that actually store data called chunks.

-- Step 1: Define regular table
CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS weather_metrics (
timezone_shift int NULL,
city_name text NULL,
temp_c double PRECISION NULL,
temp_min_c double PRECISION NULL,
temp_max_c double PRECISION NULL,
weather_type_id int NULL
-- Step 2: Turn into hypertable
SELECT create_hypertable('weather_metrics','time');


Chunks are for partitioning Hypertables. Chunks are created by partitioning a Hypertables’s data into one or multiple dimensions. All Hypertables are partitioned by the values belonging to a time column, which may be in timestamp, date or various integer forms.

Advantages of Hypertables and Chunks:



  • Foreign key referencing is not supported in Hypertables.
  • The time column used in partitioning can not have null values.
  • UPDATE statements that move value between chunks are not supported.
  • Unique indexes must include all columns that are partitioning dimensions.


For installing TimescaleDB follow this official link.



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